Course Standards

TeachThought University Course Overview:

What Every Course Should Have

  • One Big Idea
  • Five (5) Supporting Ideas
  • Activities that take roughly five hours to complete (one hour Supporting Idea/one ‘stack’ of activities per idea’)
  • Five graded quizzes/10 questions each
  • Five Transfer Tasks (one per Supporting Idea); These would ideally produce usable ‘things’ for classroom/professional application
  • One final exam (multiple choice, short answer, etc)
  • One final project/product with classroom/professional application
  • Five (5) research citations

Suggested but not required

  • Five (5) opportunities for new research shown as citation
  • Concept mapping/sketch notes 
  • Highlighting of learning theories and vocab throughout

Instructional Design Elements

  • Spiraling
  • Clear elements of student inquiry (including questioning and refinement of questions/QBL)
  • A general pattern of a Gradual Release of Responsibility
  • Bloom’s Twist and/or choice board for each transfer task


  • Adaptive learning?