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CEI: A Framework For Writing And Argumentation



CEI: A Framework For Writing And Argumentation


Included are four variations of CEI, from the most complex (CEI) to the simplest (What I think and Why I think it). These can be used as a pre-writing for an essay, planning for a project, or the construction of individual paragraphs when drafting. Both PDF and docx files are included.

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CEI is a basic framework for reasoning.

It is also a useful writing strategy, from pre-writing to paragraph structure. Included are simplified versions (SRE, What I think/Why I think it) and an example of using it as a project-based learning planning tool.

Implementation Tips

All three ideas–claims, evidence, and interpretation–may need to be isolated and taught individually before using.

You could begin with intentionally teaching the nature of a ‘claim.’ You can disarm the idea for students struggling with the idea by renaming it (e.g., opinion, belief, position, etc.)

Distinguish fact from opinion, arguments from beliefs, beliefs from truths, and so on.

Modeling: provide extensive examples of each category both in writing, verbally, and even visually with concept maps, drawings, or other visuals.

Claim–support: a basic version of this approach is to simply teach ‘claim→support’ reasoning where statements (those seeking to be ‘claims’) need to be supported with evidence. Practicing this over time helps students learn the difference between weak and strong evidence, the need for clear alignment between claims and evidence, and so on.

Integrate Pathos, Ethos, and Logos as persuasion techniques to further strengthen student argumentation skills.