Intro To Bloom’s Taxonomy


Create smarter lessons, assessments, and units tomorrow in your classroom using Bloom’s Taxonomy.



In this course, teachers will explore the background, development, terminology, function, pieces, application, misconceptions, limitations, and application of Bloom’s Taxonomy framework.

While only an introductory course, after completing it you should have a strong foundational knowledge of Bloom’s Taxonomy, one of the most powerful and versatile frameworks for clarifying and promoting thinking (including critical thinking) in your classroom.

Sample Learning Objectives include:

  • Summarize the original development of Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Identify and prioritize changes (and the purpose of those changes) to the framework
  • Define key terminology (e.g., knowledge, metacognition, transfer, etc.)
  • Identify the four types of knowledge in the framework
  • Recall and define each level of the Cognitive Process domain and example activities at each level
  • Summarize common misconceptions and misunderstandings of the framework
  • Identify at least three ways to begin in your own classroom in your next lesson or unit