TeachThought University is a beta learning project by Terry Heick.

The Platform

If you’re looking for more than just webinars and chat, we have an idea: a thoughtfully-designed but simple-to-use platform that centers teachers and the concepts and skills they need to grow.



Our courses feature learning research as content but also are designed with instructional design practices informed from learning research and theory.


Using cloud technology allows to create ‘smarter’ courses with more seamless integrations–and do so with privacy, safety, speed, and access in mind.

Social Learning

Using social learning and related engagement theory and principles, our courses are designed to help you learn more–and more deeply–with less effort.


The instructional design, gamification elements, topic selection, social learning, and more are all designed to truly engage you as a learner.


Still in development, our skill tree for teaching will help you identify areas for growth and precisely pinpoint where you’d like to improve and grow.


Though courses vary in length and requirements, many are designed to pinpoint granular skills and concepts in teaching and innovation.

The Ideas

What will you learn today?

Make great teaching sustainable

Great teaching is challenging but with the right resources, strategies, mindset, and knowledge, you can grow your teaching–and grow students in the process.

TeachThought is dedicated to the innovation of education through the growth of outstanding teachers. In addition to other projects, we accomplish this through TeachThought Publishing, cloud-based courses, in-person Workshops, and Professional Development for schools and districts.