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TeachThought University is a beta learning project by Terry Heick.

The Platform

If you’re looking for more than just webinars and chat, we have an idea: a thoughtfully-designed but simple-to-use platform that centers teachers and the concepts and skills they need to grow.


Our courses feature research citations and best practices grounded in research are embedded in the instructional design of our courses.


Your courses, notes, and more are always-on, on-demand, updated with your progress. Start on your desktop and finish at home on your phone or iPad.


Our learning platform is not only-mobile friendly, but has mobile-first elements built-in from the ground up, including push notifications from your coursework.


The instructional design, gamification elements, topic selection, social learning (coming soon), and more are all designed to engage you as a learner.


Through intentional, research-based instructional design, our courses and content are designed to promote deep understanding of important pedagogical concepts and skills.


Though courses vary in length and requirements, many are designed to pinpoint granular skills and concepts in pedagogy.