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introduction to Bloom's taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a hierarchical ordering of cognitive skills that can help teachers teach and students learn. In this course, you will learn about the original goals and development of Bloom’s Taxonomy, the language and parts and functions of the taxonomy, and how to begin using it more effectively in your classroom.

Learning Objectives

The benefits for you as a teacher

While only an introductory course, you will finish with a strong foundational knowledge of Bloom’s Taxonomy, a powerful framework for clarifying and promoting thinking (including critical thinking) in your classroom. 

You will be better able to avoid common mistakes in the application of the framework, have dozens of ideas and strategies for its use, and improve your understanding of the relationship between learning objectives, student thinking, and the design of lessons, assessments, and units you use to teach.

Ideally, this makes teacher planning a bit quicker and simpler, but more crucially, you can move beyond the mere ‘levels’ of the taxonomy to more fully integrate the original (and revised) visions of the framework into your classroom over time–from knowledge types and cognitive demand to metacognition, personalized learning, and a step closer to a critical thinking classroom.

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