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How To Teach With Technology

1. Content

This is what students are learning.

Guiding question: How does that technology support access to content? How can it improve existing access: more immediate access, mobile access, personalized access? Access to higher-quality content? More authentic? More diverse content forms?

2. Activities

This is, of course, how students will learn.

Guiding question: What kinds of activities does the naturally ‘suggest’ or support that help students learn the content? How can it be used to improve the quality, depth, differentiation, or diversity of those activities?

3. Assessment 

How you’ll measure how the students did on the lesson and as conversely, how the lesson ‘did’ on the student.

Guiding question: How does the technology make assessing student understanding more accurate and/or efficient? How can it promote a broader set of evidence of that understanding? How can it promote the assessment of higher-order thinking skills?

4. Personal

This is where the technology/tool is used to personalize the learning for the student–whether through content, activities, assessment, sequence, content depth and mastery, or other factors.

Guiding question: How can that technology automate and visualize the use of assessment data to personalize instruction?